Audio and Snippets from the Predators Press Conference

[audio:] • Brody: There’s more to his character than the physical abilities. Getting into the headspace is just as important. The mental transformation goes hand in hand with the physical transformation. The confidence level goes up when you feel strong.
• Brody: Restricted his diet. For the first time since college, he lifted heavy weights. The body chemistry changed. The physical change was important, but he cultivated the mindset Royce needed to be in. Studied military field manuals, took in as much as he could to create someone with a sense of control.
• Brody: Didn’t want the fear to paralyze his character.
• Goggins: I just read Playboy.
• Goggins: After thinking about his character’s time in jail, he approached Antal and said he hasn’t been socialized in years. His prep was the antithesis of Adrien’s. He’s been in prison for years and years, so being out in the jungle is all new to him. His physical prep was the lack of physical prep.
• Goggins: My blessing and curse as an actor is to take a character on paper and make the audience hate him, but then turn it around and make people laugh with him. Make him 360.
• Brody: It’s surprising when people are surprised by his choices in roles. As an actor, he’s made a conscious decision to not repeat himself to keep it interesting.
• Brody: I look at this as an opportunity to do something special in a type of film he loves. Hollywood has had a reliance on physical brawn, but the confidence comes from within.
• Brody: Coming from a tactical approach. And did feel he need to transform physically. A hero should look strong but didn’t want to just rely on that. It’s a big coup for him and is very protective of this movie and character.
• Goggins: Every day was challenging. They were soaked in sweat every day. The biggest predators were the mosquitoes. For the crew it was difficult. Shooting took place in Hawaii and Texas, drastic changes in temperature… Physically challenging in all respects. One day, a childhood dream crystallized when they saw the stunt men jumping off of waterfalls, “we’re all characters in a Predator sequel. We’ll all hugged each other and loved it.”
• Brody: Sequel is determined by the success of the film. He doesn’t think that far ahead. The idea of reprising the role sounds interesting and it would be exciting to see his character progress or deteriorate. He’s often drawn to roles that affect him on an emotional level. What he loved about Royce is the emotional hardness most of the characters he has played didn’t have.
• Goggins: One scene that didn’t make the cut involves his character approaching Alice Braga’s character about sex since “they’re all going to die.” She shuts him down.
• Brody: Playing a hero… Having a sense of humor makes for a cleaner, more pure, character. You need to rein it in and be sincere. Can’t be an external thing or it will appear that way.
• Brody: Didn’t want a superficial hero. Someone who was a bit tragic. Being a survivalist can be lonely place. It’s you above anyone else. To goof off with the role would be a waste.
• Brody: This is a darker story than the first film. The general theme is to be rooted in reality and create a sense of a constant threat level.
• Goggins: But there had to be one-liners. “Die you space, fa**ot” was a great time. It fits into the story, and hopefully you don’t wink at the audience.
• Goggins: His character gets his ass kicked by everything on the planet. There was a lot of joy about “let’s bring it on, let’s get chased!” Took a lot of enjoyment in it!

And that’s all from the conference!


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