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‘Six’ Art Shows Walton Goggins in Need of Rescuing

‘Six’ Art Shows Walton Goggins in Need of Rescuing

After wrapping six seasons on FX’s Justified, Walton Goggins took a break from TV drama with the dark HBO comedy Vice Principals. But he’s back for more next month in Six, a scripted series inspired by SEAL Team Six missions, premiering Jan. 18 on History.

As the key art conveys, Goggins stars as a former leader of SEAL Team Six, Richard “Rip” Taggart, who’s captured by Boko Haram alongside the students and teacher of a girls’ school in Nigeria. The men formerly under his command request the rescue mission, and get it, because even though an unraveled Rip left them for contract work after making a questionable decision during a 2014 mission in Afghanistan — an event that will have surprising reverberations two years later — they’re still brothers.

“This is the most elite fighting force in the world,” Goggins says in the behind-the-scenes video below. “You don’t do what these guys do and escape that without real consequences.”

Through flashbacks, we see Rip build the team up and his downward spiral. In the present day, we watch Rip try to rediscover his humanity and SEAL identity as that brotherhood, now led by Rip’s protégé, Barry Sloane’s Joe “Bear” Graves, continues to fight on despite the price the men pay as husbands and fathers.

Six is created by William Broyles (Cast Away, Apollo 13, Jarhead) and David Broyles, a military special operations veteran, who join Bruce C. McKenna (Band of Brothers, The Pacific), Karen Campbell (Dexter), and Alfredo Barrios Jr. (Burn Notice) as writers on the series. Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Mitchell Hall (Zero Dark Thirty, Lone Survivor) serves as the series’s technical advisor.

Six premieres Jan. 18 at 10 p.m. on History.


Vice Principals: 1×01 ‘The Principal’ Captures

I’ve added HD captures from the newest episode of Vice Principals into the gallery.

Danny McBride’s New Mission: Setting Off Sparks in the Faculty Lounge

Danny McBride’s New Mission: Setting Off Sparks in the Faculty Lounge

You read a little of what Walton had to say, but be sure to check out the interivew in it’s entirety over at

For Mr. McBride’s slick, bowtie-clad nemesis, Lee Russell, the creators turned to Mr. Goggins, a star of “Justified,” “The Shield” and “The Hateful Eight,” who had once auditioned for an “Eastbound & Down” role that went to Jason Sudeikis of “Saturday Night Live.”

(As Mr. Goggins recalled of that encounter: “I got to the meeting, and it was me and five ex-‘S.N.L.’ guys. What am I doing here, really?”)

This time, Mr. Goggins said he was still eager to work with Mr. McBride, who he called “a Woody Allen for flyover America,” and to tell a story about “the absurd need for power.”

“Both of these men are profoundly insecure,” he said, “and unfortunately for the people around them, they feel the only way they can be accepted in the world is through fear and intimidation.”

Knowing that all the episodes of “Vice Principals” had been written in advance, Mr. Goggins said, was a welcome change from “a world where so many decisions are based on public polls or how many likes you get on Instagram.”

“This isn’t,” he added. “This is 18 pictures posted without reading the comments.”

Walton Attends Premiere of HBO’s ‘Vice Principals’

Walton Attends Premiere of HBO’s ‘Vice Principals’

Walton was looking sharp as he took to the red carpet for the premiere of his latest show Vice Principals alongside co-star Danny McBride and more on July 7th. The show will run for two seasons and makes it’s debut on July 17th only on HBO.

Walton Visits Jimmy Kimmel LIVE

Walton Visits Jimmy Kimmel LIVE

Walton dropped by Jimmy Kimmel LIVE on June 29th to discuss Vice Principals, which if you didn’t know (and if this is the case then shame on you!) is his new comedy series starring alongside Danny McBride which premieres July 17th at 10:30pm on HBO.

In case you missed it you can check out stills and captures of Walton from his appearance as well as video below.

Vice Principals: Additional Season 1 Episodic Stills

I’ve added a few new episodic stills of Walton from the first episode of Vice Principals into the gallery. Are you looking forward to the July premiere? 😀

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