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Category: Photos

Walton supporting the 2007 Writers Strike + More

I’ve added 3 photos of Walton supporting the 2007 Writers Strike in Los Angelas from two different dates as well as 143 captures of his role on the television show “The Sentinel” from 1996!

Thanks again to the lovely Manya

Gallery Link:
2007 > 11/09/07 – LA Rally for Striking Television Writers
2007 > 11/13/07 – LA Rally for Striking Television Writers
Filmography: Television > The Sentinel (1996)

Winged Creatures movie captures added!

I’ve added 105 captures of Walton’s brief role in the movie Winged Creatures from 2008.

Be aware the last half of the captures are NSFW!

Gallery Link:
Filmography: Film > Winged Creatures (2008)

Captures from 1993’s television show ‘Renegade’

I’ve added 94 captures of Walt’s role as Lance McBride on the 1993 television show, Renegade! Gosh, just look how young he was! Such a cutie. As always, thanks to Manya! <3

Gallery Link:
Filmography: Television > Renegade (1993)

The Crow: Salvation movie captures

I’ve added 122 captures of Walton from his role in The Crow: Salvation from 2000! If you notice one of his co-stars is Tim DeKay from USA Network’s, White Collar. Awesome right?

As always thanks to the lovely Manya for all her kick ass help! <3

Gallery Link:
Filmography: Film > The Crow: Salvation (2000)

NEW Predators International Trailer

I’ve added 26 captures of Walt from the newly released International Trailer for Predators.
Thanks to Manya for the heads up 🙂

Gallery Link:
Predators (2010) > Official HD International Trailer

CSI “Empty Eyes” captures and Video!

I’ve added 106 captures of Walton’s guest role on CSI’ Season 7 episode “Empty Eyes” from 2007. I’ve also added the video of his scenes only, which I have to say is really worth watching simply because of how greatly he portrays his character, though when does he not? However, if you watch toward the end he seems to have channeled a little bit of Michael C. Hall’s character from Dexter, which I personally loved. If you watch Dexter, you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

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Filmography: Television > CSI S07E18 “Empty Eyes” (2007)
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