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Good or bad, Walton’s ‘Justified’ character surprises even him

Walton Goggins can cast a spell over you during a phone conversation just as easily as he does playing the magnetic Boyd Crowder in FX’s “Justified.”

He puts everything out there—even when doing an interview at the end of an early morning shoot after he’s been up the night before with his new son, Augustus Somerset. It’s hard not to be drawn in by his zeal for the work he’s doing.

“It’s always exciting,” he said, answering a simple “how’s it going?” “One should be so lucky to be in this situation that I’m in, or any other person on television [is in], who really cares about what they do every day.”

The former “The Shield” star definitely cares, and that translates to “Justified” (9 p.m. Wednesdays, FX), where his mercurial character continues to trouble U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant), the childhood friend who just can’t trust Boyd, even if he claims his outlaw days are behind him.

Since last year’s freshman season, Boyd has gone from white supremacist criminal to born-again evangelist to leader of the disenfranchised to disillusioned ex-con. He’s about to change again, Goggins teased.

“I think that he has been without the ability to see himself as good or bad, and through the course of this season, he will acquire a pair of glasses that allows him to see himself really for the first time,” Goggins said, adding with a laugh, “How about that for a quote? Come on, Curt!”

Goggins talked more about working with Olyphant (“like doing a waltz”), being a father and how cool it would be to see Boyd wearing a marshal’s star. Continue reading

Walton discusses ‘Justified’ & more with 94.7 WCSX


As always, another great interview with Walton. If you can’t choose which of the two newest audio interviews to listen to than I would definitely have to recommend listening to this one over the last one.

Walton’s interview with Wrecker from 104.9 The Eagle


Look for Walton this summer in the upcoming blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens. In fact, hear Walton talk about it, along with his roles in both The Shield in Justified.

You can check out the interview above or you can listen at the source.


Walton’s ‘Justified’ interview with

Note: If you notice, this entire interview took place in the video posted previously from – But regardless, it is a great interview!

Justified is one of the best shows on television these days, and that is in no small part to the work of Walton Goggins. Goggins was in the pilot, and there was talk that his character – Boyd Crowder – would be killed off, a “one and done.” But in crafting the pilot, they realized they could have some fun with him, and though Goggins was also shooting Predators, they managed to work him in to the first season, with his journey taking over the last couple episodes.

Goggins was wary of returning to television –as he says below – because of the seven years he put in on The Shield. His Shane Vendrell was revealed to be the heart and the central tragedy of the show. His work on The Shield is such that it’s fair to say he created one of television’s most indelible characters. And now with Justified he’s on his way to having two of the best characters put to screen. If this interview is fawning, it’s only because everyone in our group that talked to Goggins was a huge fan, and it was funny to see the women with us melting around him. Timothy Olyphant plays his role like walking sex, but Goggins definitely has his fanbase. Goggins proved to be a great interview, and at the end told us that we asked better questions than the New York Times. I’ll take it.

Your character is what absolutely sold me on this show. He’s one of the most fascinating characters on television right now. Does he know what he’s doing? Does he know if he’s on the path to redemption or not?

WALTON GOGGINS: No pressure on that answer. You know what I think that he…I don’t think that he’s ever taken the time to be introspective, to self-reflect. Last season was evidence of that. I think he started off in the pilot being one guy, and with that near death experience he went running in the opposite direction. Doing the same thing but finding God as a motivation for kind of repeating the same actions. And I think it’s only in the second season that Boyd – for the first time in his life – has looked at himself. Looked at what fuels him as a human being, and looked at his faults as a person, and in some ways has spent forty days in the desert. I think that he will emerge from this fully aware of who he is as a person – and be okay with it. It’s at the end of episode three with the throwing of that guy out of the car – it was very cathartic for him. He needed to grieve in that way, and it kind of manifested through this physical action of hurting another person, unfortunately. Because I think he was so hurt. Continue reading’s interview with Walton

Be sure to check out all of the cast interviews and experiences from the ‘Justified’ set visit Judy made earlier this week over at and on Twitter: @YourEntCorner

In the mean time, check out this great interview below of Walton discussing Boyd and Raylan’s friendship, Boyd’s path to redemption as well as his biggest concern taking on a the role of Boyd so soon after ‘The Shield’ and more!

Back Stage issue Feb 24th – March 2nd – Scans added!

I’ve added 2 high quality scans of Walton on the cover of Back Stage Magazine from their February 24 – March 2 issue which is out now. It features a great interview with Walton, where we learn a little more behind the making of Walton Goggins; Actor.

Gallery Link:
Magazines & Publications > Back Stage Magazine (Feb-24-Mar-02 2011)

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