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Category: Spoilers

TVGUIDE: Who is Boyd Keeping Secrets From?

Check out what TV Guide had to say about the upcoming season of Justified!

What can you tell me about the new season of Justified? — Will
Even though Winona has left Raylan behind, he seems to be doing all right for himself. You’ll see a lot more of bartender Lindsey, both behind the bar and between the sheets. But she’s hiding a secret that could rock Raylan’s world. Speaking of secrets, Boyd seems to be even less trusting of his partners than usual this season. That may have something to do with the secret stash of cash he’s keeping from everyone — including Ava!


Ask Ausiello: Sons of Anarchy creator talks Venus return

Check out what Ausiello had to say when asked if the fabulous Venus Van Dam will make a return to the charming world of Sons of Anarchy in his latest edition of Ask Ausiello!

Question: I heard a rumor we have not seen the last of Walton Goggins’ Venus on Sons of Anarchy. Please tell me the rumor is true. —Greg
Not only are we going to see the gender-bending dynamo again, SOA creator Kurt Sutter reveals, “I’m pitching a Venus spin-off to FX!” All kidding aside (and yes, he was kidding), Sutter hopes to have Venus back — possibly as early as next season. “My hope is to keep some of this Diosa world alive,” he says, “and there’s no reason why we can’t have him back, because it was pretty fantastic.”


Ask Ausiello: Justified is Recruiting a New Batch of Freaks for Season 4

Check out what Ausiello had to say about the upcoming fourth season of Justified!

Question: Any news at all on Justified? —Jay
Ausiello: The FX western is recruiting a new batch of freaks for Season 4, and they include a rule-bending military police sergeant who shares a past with Boyd, a fugitive family man who teams up with a pair of drug addicts, a local Constable who went to high school with Raylan, and a charismatic young preacher who starts cutting into Boyd’s profits. Bonus Spoiler: The Season 4 premiere is titled “Hole in the Wall.”


Ask Ausiello: Raylan and Boyd Find Themselves in Similar Situations

I love how this season is shaping up. I can only imagine what the finale will be like this season. Woot!

Question: Any Justified scoop? —Noel
Next week, Raylan and Boyd find themselves framed for two separate murders (well, attempted murder in one instance). Raylan also pays a visit to Quarles’ little torture/sex chamber, where a familiar fella makes him a perverse offer he can (and easily does) refuse.


E!Online: Justified Scoop on Boyd/Ava and More!

Well, I know what you ladies will be looking forward to now. 😉

RaylanFan: Quarles might be Justified’s creepiest big bad yet so I hope he doesn’t get killed off soon. Do you have any intel?
Cunning Quarles (Neal McDonough) is staying above ground at least through episode 10, star Timothy Olyphant confirmed, adding, “He becomes a much more interesting, more sick and twisted character.” Eek! Could Boyd (Walton Goggins) and Raylan (Olyphant) team up again to kick this carpetbagger out of Harlan County?

BaileyFink: Have you heard any new Justified scoop?
Walton Goggins sure knows how to make a reporter blush. He told us about an upcoming intimate scene for Harlan’s resident Bonnie and Clyde couple, Boyd and Ava. Goggins dishes: “We [have] this scene, it’s as beautiful and as weird a love scene as I have ever seen on television. And I’m so excited because it’s with Joelle Carter. She’s fabulous.” Awww, true love can be found with your dead husband’s brother.


Ask Ausiello: Boyd’s trying to what?!

Oh now this just sounds way too interesting. I cannot wait!

Question: Just about a month until Justified is back… and I can hardly wait! Any scoop? Please? I have cookies. —Michele
Ausiello: File this under “W” for “WTF?!?!?!” Early into Season 3, Boyd is desperately trying to stay in prison and Raylan is desperately trying to get him out! Now gimme my cookie!


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