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Category: Officer Down

Additional Film Production Stills Added

I’ve added some additional production stills of Walton from a handful of films ranging from 2013-2016 into the gallery. You can view those below:

Officer Down Blu-ray Captures

I’ve added blu-ray captures of Walton as Detective Logue in the 2013 film Officer Down.

Official ‘Officer Down’ Trailers!

Check out the first 2 official trailers of ‘Officer Down’! Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. 🙂

More Details About Walton’s Role In ‘Officer Down’

Finally, Walton Goggins, someone I’m happy to see in any context, even when it is throwaway crap like Predators, is now in Officer Down alongside David Boreanaz, Stephen Dorff, Dominic Purcell, Stephen Lang, James Woods and AnnaLynne McCord. We reported on the film a couple days ago, but to recap the John Chase script, which seems to blend a slightly metaphysical angle with what might be a thriller of sorts, we’ve got this:

When a doctor and security guard dream at night, their dreams consist of what the other person did during the day. They meet when the security guard murders his wife, is then hit by a car and brought into the doctor’s emergency room. Boreanaz will play a humorless and ambitious rival detective to another cop played by Dorff.

Walton Goggins will be “the prime suspect in the sexual assault of a young woman, a case being investigated by a gruff detective (Dorff).”