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Sons of Anarchy: 6×07 ‘Sweet and Vaded’ Captures Added

I’ve added 172 HD captures from last week’s newest episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ into the gallery.

Gallery Link:
– Sons of Anarchy > 6×07 – Sweet and Vaded

Walton Talks Venus’ Major Comeback with TVLine & TVGuide

Check out what Walton had to say about the more serious side of his Sons of Anarchy alter-ego, Venus Van Dam!

TVLine: Venus’ story was much more serious this time around. Was the energy on set different than it was last season?
Yeah, it was. First and foremost, it was more than just one day; it took place over the course of three weeks because it was two episodes. Sustaining that and living in that headspace was a little more challenging — for myself as much as it was for my wife! [Laughs] She kept saying, ‘Where are my shoes?’ Both Kurt [Sutter] and I weren’t interested in repeating what we’d done last season and it would have done a disservice to Venus. If we were going to do it again, we wanted to see another side of her and to see the tragedy in her life and the pain that she’s been living with — and also how that can impact the larger story that is Sons of Anarchy. So, I was just over the moon with what Kurt and his writers came up with. I’m a new parent, I have a three-year-old son, and regardless of your sexual orientation, the idea of having to hide who you are or not to participate in the things that I’ve been able to participate in as a parent? It’s heartbreaking. It was very personal to me and very personal to Kurt. We both are in love with her. I don’t stop thinking about Venus, and as soon as I took those high heels off, I wanted to put them right back on. She’s a very courageous, very flawed, very strong woman — or let’s shoot right past that and say [that she’s a strong] person in the world.

You share such incredible chemistry with Kim Coates. How did the Venus/Tig relationship come to fruition?
First off, I’m such a fan of Kim Coates. Everything he does is grounded in reality and he’s such a good actor that it was a pleasure to have these discussions before [we shot] and to really talk about, ‘What is this? Really, what is this?’ What I was so surprised about was that there was no sexuality in that moment at all. He was putting his arm around a person and comforting that person when they needed to be comforted. It takes a lot to earn that and I thought what Kim did there was amazing. Now, I don’t know what happens when they go home! That’s another episode. [Laughs] But in that moment it was not about Venus Van Dam as a transgender and Tig as a biker; it was about two human beings that are looking at this very difficult situation and one supporting another. It’s beautiful. [Continue Reading]

TVGuide: This episode required a much different performance than last time. What was that like for you?
I think the most important thing is seeing past just what she does for work. I liked piercing the veil of who this person is outside of what she does for a living. When she goes home at night, what’s that like? What are the regrets in her life? And how has she dealt with those and how have those regrets reverberated throughout her life? What I was so excited about when I got the script was how immediate this situation had come up in her life and she really had nowhere else to turn. And for a woman who, more often than not, has the answers, she only had questions and she didn’t quite know what to do.

And it wasn’t just cold-blooded murder. She was trying to spare her son the same horror she went through.
It’s a matter of breaking the cycle. And sometimes breaking the cycle of violence requires an act of violence. Hopefully on the other side of that, once you cross that rubicon, you walk in greener pastures. I think that’s what it was like for Venus. She’s eternally grateful for Jax for doing something that she could never do. It solves a lot of problems. It solves more problems than it creates.

So. is this the last we’ve seen of Venus?
[Laughs] I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw her again. We’ll see what happens to Jax and all the boys and how these stories intersect. I wouldn’t think it out of the realm of possibility.[Continue Reading]

Sons of Anarchy: 6×06 ‘Salvage’ Captures Added

I’ve added 96 HD captures from this week’s newest episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ into the gallery.

Gallery Link:
– Sons of Anarchy > 6×06 – Salvage

Sons of Anarchy: 6×07 ‘Sweet and Vaded’ Episodic Stills

I have added 8 stills of Walton as the infamous Venus Van Dam from next week’s all-new Sons of Anarchy!

I will also have captures of Walton from last night’s episode up in the gallery soon!

Gallery Link:
– Sons of Anarchy > Episodic Stills

Ask Ausiello: Sons of Anarchy creator talks Venus return

Check out what Ausiello had to say when asked if the fabulous Venus Van Dam will make a return to the charming world of Sons of Anarchy in his latest edition of Ask Ausiello!

Question: I heard a rumor we have not seen the last of Walton Goggins’ Venus on Sons of Anarchy. Please tell me the rumor is true. —Greg
Not only are we going to see the gender-bending dynamo again, SOA creator Kurt Sutter reveals, “I’m pitching a Venus spin-off to FX!” All kidding aside (and yes, he was kidding), Sutter hopes to have Venus back — possibly as early as next season. “My hope is to keep some of this Diosa world alive,” he says, “and there’s no reason why we can’t have him back, because it was pretty fantastic.”


Sons of Anarchy: 5×05 ‘Orca Shrugged’ Episodic Stills & Captures

I’ve added 106 HD captures & 3 HQ stills of Walton’s guest cameo on Sons of Anarchy this week as the fabulous Venus Van Dam, who we all know was a scene stealer!

Gallery Link:
Sons of Anarchy (2012) > Screen Captures > 5×05 – Orca Shrugged
Sons of Anarchy (2012) > Episodic Stills

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