Complete ‘Predators’ DVD and Blu-ray Specs

“This planet is a game preserve, and we’re the game.” The ultimate hunters are back when Robert Rodriguez’ PREDATORS arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on October 19th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment with all new special features, bringing you deeper into the Predator universe. Robert Rodriguez also presents a series of exclusive prequel motion comics on the Blu-ray and DVD that take you beyond the movie and deliver a truly one-of-a kind PREDATORS experience. The Blu-ray version, harnesses the power of BD Live to extend the experience even more with exclusive PREDATORS content and interactive entertainment.

PREDATORS 1-Disc Blu-ray Special Features
Commentary by Robert Rodriguez and director, Nimród Antal
Motion Comics
Moments of Extraction: Robert Rodriguez presents exclusive prequel vignettes voiced by the cast of PREDATORS. Witness the secret adventures that turned our world’s most ruthless killers into the ultimate Predator prey
Noland Intro (part 1)
Noland Ending (part 2) Continue reading

Captures from ‘Damage’ added!

I’ve added 1,075 captures of Walton’s role in the 2009 film “Damage” 🙂

Gallery Link:
Filmography: Film > Damage (2009) > Movie Captures

Red Dirt movie captures added!

I’ve added 638 captures of Walton’s role in the movie ‘Red Dirt’ from the year 2000. Thanks again to the lovely Manya

Be aware some of the captures contain nudity. NSFW!

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Filmography: Film > Red Dirt (2000)

Movie Captures added from The Apostle

Thanks to Manya I’ve added 244 captures of Walton’s role in the 1997 film, The Apostle.

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Filmography: Film > The Apostle (1997)

Walton supporting the 2007 Writers Strike + More

I’ve added 3 photos of Walton supporting the 2007 Writers Strike in Los Angelas from two different dates as well as 143 captures of his role on the television show “The Sentinel” from 1996!

Thanks again to the lovely Manya

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2007 > 11/09/07 – LA Rally for Striking Television Writers
2007 > 11/13/07 – LA Rally for Striking Television Writers
Filmography: Television > The Sentinel (1996)

Predators Movie Is Surprisingly Very Good

Damego claims “The New Predators Movie Is Surprisingly Very Good”

Another actor who quickened and animated the new Predators movie was the actor Walton Goggins. I have given this man’s acting props before in his scene stealing role in the FX television series, “Justified;” in Predator, he is at it again and the audience will be rolling in laughter with the delivery of his lines. I know, like me, you might have reservations about seeing a movie in its third incarnation, but do not let this stop you from seeing a very good movie. It must be noted that the new Predators movie had good movie making pedigree since fame director Robert Rodriguez was one of the producers.


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