Jul 9, 2010

More reviews of Predators and mention by Joelle Carter

Jul 9, 2010

More reviews of Predators and mention by Joelle Carter

In another interview with the lovely Joelle Carter, they discussed Justified and Walton was brought up again and here is what was said:

Adam: The show is so well acted, including Walton Goggins’ portrayal of Boyd Crowder. He’s definitely one of the most believable villains on TV. Tell me about your scenes with him. And watching the series again on TV, what did you think of Boyd?

Joelle: I think I might love Boyd’s character as much as I love AVA … maybe? He is given such complex stuff to juggle and performs it with such ease. I feel like Walton finds the deep truth in his characters and plays them full-hearted and it is wonderful to watch and a privilege to be a part of a scene with him. I am a lucky girl.

Adam: In the end of season 1, we saw the showdown between Boyd, his dad, the drug circulations, and Raylan. And you were right in the middle of it. Tell me about the awesomely chaotic season finale.

Joelle: Well, let’s see – there were 15 shootings and 13 deaths. Don’t quote me, but I know it was something crazy like that. I was very happy not to receive any bullet holes or to have any graves dug for Ava. I was thrilled to be in the mix. The scene Tim, Walton and I shot when were trapped in the cabin was pretty intense. They rigged the whole cabin with small explosives to make it look like we were being sprayed with bullets. They basically had one take to get the shot. The three of us were told to cover our heads and close our eyes. I must say, there wasn’t a whole lot of acting required. As soon as the director yelled ‘action’, the room was torn apart and I dug my head in deep and didn’t look up till I heard ‘cut’. It was pretty exciting.


Also thanks to Manya once again for bringing these Predators reviews to my attention. You can find those under the cut below. 🙂

“But perhaps the most fun character is death row inmate Stans, played by Walton Goggins. He’s charismatic in a way that’s terrifying. So much so that everyone around him is afraid to give the man a gun. It’s the kind of performance that makes me want to run out and watch everything Goggins has done in the past while keeping tabs on all of his future projects. It doesn’t hurt that he gets the best lines, either. Predators 2010 might not have its own version of “If it bleeds, we can kill it,” but Goggins does get in a few zingers — mostly at the expense of Alice Braga’s rear end and all of the unsavory things that happen at 5 p.m.”

Source: Film School Rejects

“I particularly liked THE SHIELD`s Walton Goggins, as the mouthy death-row inmate, who`s got a hilarious spin on the cliched “when I get home“ speech, that I`m not going to ruin here. Goggins is an awesome character actor, and I`d love to see him get more action roles (although you can catch him stealing scenes on the excellent series, JUSTIFIED).”

Source: JoBlo.com

“I liked the cast. I liked the characters. I liked the chemistry. The reason the original “Predator” works is because it’s a weird cast, but it’s the right cast. They’re all really good in their roles. They all fit together, and it’s true here as well. I think Walton Goggins wins MVP for me personally, although Lawrence Fishburne makes a strong impression as well when he shows up. ”

Source: Hitfix

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