CraveOnline break’s down ‘Justified’ 2×05 ‘Cottonmouth’

I think they make some very interesting points and key observations, what do you think?

Walton Goggins finally got a showcase episode this season and it’s easily the best one so far. Goggins basically made his name on FX as Shane on “The Shield,” who was also a fascinating character. But Boyd Crowder tops him in complexity. In just a few episodes this year, we’ve seen Boyd struggle to achieve some measure of redemption in his attempt to create a new life for himself. However, no one believes that he’s changed and it all piles up on to him. It’s not that Boyd doesn’t want to be a better man. He goes out of his way to not kill Shelby and even the way he switched the bomb on Kyle would only have killed him if he betrayed Boyd.

Boyd’s use of his cellphone to bug the meeting was a great moment that showed him to be the smartest guy in a room full of people plotting his death. Boyd seems to do a tremendous job of letting people believe that he’s not that sharp when the inverse is actually true. Watching Boyd turn a potentially fatal situation around on his would be killers was a thing of beauty. And this episode demonstrated that Boyd could have carried the entire episode without Raylan making an appearance at all.

I’m also really enjoying the slow burn between Ava and Boyd. It’s pretty clear that he loves her and she’s starting to come around towards him. When she got his note, she suspected that it was for something nefarious. But she followed his instructions anyway. If she was going to hang him out to dry, that would have been the perfect opportunity to do so. Just the fact that she went through with the call shows us that she cares for him.


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