Mar 15, 2011

Joelle Carter talks with Daemon’s TV about Ava and Boyd

Mar 15, 2011

Joelle Carter talks with Daemon’s TV about Ava and Boyd

Daemon’s TV recently spoke with Joelle Carter who plays the strong willed Ava on ‘Justified’ to discuss her relationships on the show, including Boyd and Ava. Here is what she had to say:

At the beginning of this season, fans–and Raylan–were surprised to learn that Boyd had moved in with Ava. When Joelle was asked how she felt about that development, she answered, “I think in the end Ava has to do what she has to do to survive and having Boyd live with her helps make ends meet and it’s opened her up to discovering who she is a little bit more. I think it was a good idea.”

Even more surprising than Boyd and Ava’s living arrangements is the fact that Ava is developing feelings for him. Joelle said showing the change in their relationship has been difficult. “You don’t see a lot of the relationship building and growing, and that was a big challenge for me because I would have these short scenes to show the audience that this is where these people are now and you can imagine with us that they’ve been cohabitating together and learning more about each other.”

The course of Ava and Boyd’s burgeoning relationship has not been and will not be smooth and for every step forward, there will be at least a half step back. “Just the idea of her going up to his bedroom because she’s a little bored and she knows he’s there and she’s starting to enjoy his company a little bit more. She calls him out like ‘It’s okay if we get to know each other a little better. I want to know more about you.’ Even on the porch he shares some stuff with her and I found that for Ava to be intriguing and just as they’re starting to be more comfortable, then bad guys come up.”

Ava has been clear about not wanting Boyd to bring any criminal activity back to her, but as we saw at the end of the “Cottonmouth” episode, it’s not so simple for her anymore. Joelle said, “When Boyd offers her the money with the cops coming-I think it’s interesting because Ava has a big heart and she loves the idea that anyone can change and in the beginning I think she wanted to take a chance on that with Boyd. As it’s progressing, they’re kind of falling for each other a little bit and she wants to help him out because of the feelings she’s having, but he brings in yet again another complication. I think that, for Ava, she has this long, long relationship with Boyd and he’s always kind of been in love with her. She really finds him interesting, intriguing, and exciting.”

When asked if Ava would keep Boyd out of trouble, Joelle laughed. “Well, have you tried to keep a man out of trouble? I’m not sure Ava can keep herself out of trouble.” Joelle then said that even though Boyd does spell trouble, he also is something Ava has been looking for. “Ava has had a certain kind of life where people run out on her. Where Winona knows kind of what she wants: a picture of her with Raylan at the end where he does a job 9-5. For Ava, though-she’s just looking for someone to love and who’s dedicated to her and will protect her. Boyd is a gentleman and he’s devoted to her so far. I think she wishes they could stay out of trouble.”

Joelle said that fans and Ava will learn more about why Boyd makes sense for Ava as the season progresses. “I think for her, like for the audience, Boyd is someone you think you know but then maybe you don’t know completely. I think what we’ll see as time goes along is that they know each other a lot better than they thought and maybe they’re the only two people who really can know each other the way they do.”


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