Justified Advance Review: 2×05 ‘Cottonmouth’

All I can say is after reading this little tidbit, I am aching for tonight’s newest ‘Justified’ episode!

For those who want to read the article but are concerned about spoilers, there is no need to worry about this review since it doesn’t feature actual “spoilers” rather than a outline of what will happen without filling in the blanks. You can read the entire Advance review at the source, linked below.

In other happenings, Boyd Crowder is apparently back to his old ways, mired in a new business proposition with his “friends” from the mine. To say any more than that one sentence would be egregiously spoiling, but needless to say it is not at all what you think it’s going to be – and it all makes perfect sense by the time it plays out. The storyline also leads to a heartbreaking scene between Boyd and Ava that’s so good, it once again makes me incensed that he hasn’t yet won a major award for this series yet. Joelle Carter is herself just as impressive, and the two of them together has been the most pleasant surprise to come out of the second season for me.


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