Walton talks ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ & TV with Rosebud Magazine

You can read the snippet below of Walton’s interview with Rosebud Magazine:

Q: You’re already wildly popular amongst fans of “The Shield.” Is it true that your character Boyd Crowder on “Justified” was brought back to life by the fans?
A: Pretty much. I had agreed to do one episode and based on the reaction of the test audiences, they didn’t want to see Boyd die. I was doing a movie while the show kept rolling and the executive producers asked me if I would stay on for a bit. We were having such a good time and the relationship between Timothy Olyphant’s character Raylan and my character became so complex and juicy and delicious that once the movie shoot was over, they asked me to come on fulltime.

And make sure to read the entire interview over at Rosebud Magazine.

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