Jun 16, 2011

Walton Featured in Dodge RAM Commercial

Jun 16, 2011

Walton Featured in Dodge RAM Commercial

It’s the Ram truck counterpart to Chrysler’s Eminem commercial. The one-minute ad ties in Ram trucks with the “Code of the West”. If you’re an honorable cowboy, you should be driving a Ram.

Apparently bad guys drive Ford F-150s, including what appears to be a brief cameo by actor Walton Goggins, aka Detective Shane Vendrell from “The Shield.”

2 Comments on “Walton Featured in Dodge RAM Commercial”

  1. I seen Jeff Daniels, W. Earl Brown, Walton Goggins & Silas Weir Mitchell. As well as Sam Elliot is doing the narration for the commerical. Wonder if it’ll air on TV, or during Power Block on Spike.

    Maybe even make a part 2?

  2. As walton goggin’s #1 fan
    i instantly knew that was him in the RAM commercial saying ” i got a name for that thing down there”
    And i just wanted 2 confirm it by googling it
    and here i am finding the evidence it is u

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