Jun 7, 2012

BACKSTAGE Roundtable With Seven Stars Who Had an Emmy-Worthy Year

Jun 7, 2012

BACKSTAGE Roundtable With Seven Stars Who Had an Emmy-Worthy Year

Walton and Martha, you were both first-time Emmy nominees last year. How did you get the news of your nomination?

WALTON GOGGINS: My little boy had woken up and the announcements were coming relatively soon. And I handed him over to my wife and said, “Can you handle this please, so I can just go downstairs and watch?” Tim [Olyphant] was announced first, so I started screaming. And my wife said, “Please be quiet, I’m trying to get him back down!” So when I heard my name was called, I had to be really quiet. I couldn’t even celebrate, to be quite honest. But it was so unexpected.

And William, you’ve been nominated several times and won twice.

WILLIAM H. MACY: I remember the second time, we were lying in bed and the phone rang at a quarter to zero in the morning, and I turned to Felicity [Huffman, Macy’s wife] and I said, “Well, either a family member just died or I got nominated.”


What’s it like to actually hear your name called as the winner?

MACY: I’ll tell you this, and this is God’s honest truth: It’s better to win.

GOGGINS: Did you practice the speech? Did you have an idea what you would say?

People like to use the term “big break,” but when was the moment you first felt you’d really made it as an actor?

GOGGINS: For me it was “The Apostle.” I was 24 years old and getting an opportunity to work with Robert Duvall. It changed my life. He called me with the news, and I saved that message for as long as I possibly could. Duvall was amazing. The first day, we were in Lafayette, Louisiana, and we went out to dinner and I didn’t say anything the entire time. I just looked down at my plate. I didn’t want to get fired or say something stupid like “Hey! I like ‘The Godfather’!”

FILLION: Would you consider him a mentor?

GOGGINS: Absolutely. I was at that age where I was extremely impressionable, and I finally got up the courage after being with him for a month to say, “How do you do it, man?” And he just said, “I don’t do anything. I just play pretend. A child’s game.” Which just fucking floored me.

You can check out the interview in full over at Backstage.com

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