Apr 3, 2013

Justified Season 4 Finale Post Mortem – Index Post

Apr 3, 2013

Justified Season 4 Finale Post Mortem – Index Post

Check out snippets of what Justified show-runner Graham Yost had to say about the season four finale and what’s to come in season 5! Plenty more under the cut!

They show up to the spot and find police have already found the body. Instead of leaving, Boyd goes up to talk to Officer Mooney (William Gregory Lee), which I thought was a surprising choice.
He’s Boyd. They can’t arrest him for just driving. So he’ll just go up. His relationship with Mooney has been on and off. It seemed like a smart way for him to find out more.

Boyd then decides to use Mooney and Lee Paxton (Sam Anderson), whose funeral home serves as storage for law enforcement, to help him switch bodies so it’s not Delroy’s body that was found.
That came out of the room. What would Boyd try to do? Okay, so, they’ve got Ellen May, she could testify, but if they don’t have a body, then the case might fall apart. So let’s take care of the body and get it out of there. We can’t? Okay, where is it? We’re still not done yet. It’s just that Boyd sense of he’ll always keep working a problem until it’s absolutely impossible to do so. And believe you me, at the beginning of next season, we’re gonna see him continue to work the problem. How can he get Ava out of jail? And what will he do in order to accomplish that?

Boyd and Jimmy digging up the grave for a replacement body was a surprisingly fun scene with Jimmy falling through the coffin.
Those guys in a graveyard at night, in a potter’s field, digging up a corpse, stuff comes up. I don’t know exactly the origin of Boyd’s run about who that is in the ground. The little behind the scenes thing is Jesse Lukens, on one take, when his foot went through, he actually damaged his foot quite badly. At the cast party, he was on crutches. He was in real pain. But we use that on Justified — if a character’s in real pain, we use it.

While that’s happening, Boyd is driving Raylan to the airport for the meeting. That’s another crucial scene that’s all dialogue.
That scene had a lot of talk between the writers, and Tim, and Walton. What can we get out of here? Tim is always interested in being clear that Boyd is a bad guy, but as he basically says, “You’re a white supremacist, you’re leading a church out in the woods. Who are you, and what do you really believe in? So if you say you love this woman [Ava], how is that different from all the other stuff that you’ve said?” Of course, Boyd maintains that it is different. We wanted to play up that dynamic, and then the whole notion of Boyd going at Raylan is something that we’d established pretty nicely in the opening of episode 10 when he says, “Raylan, you are an asshole, you should have been an outlaw.” And that just goes back thematically to Raylan and Arlo: Who is Raylan? How much is he like Arlo? Is he really just Arlo with a badge?

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TVLINE | Let’s talk about Ava and her devastating fate. It seemed for awhile that she might actually be killed, but instead you went and locked her up!
You know, Joelle [Carter] knows where I live, so I can’t kill her off. She would track me down. [Laughs] No, we just love her so much. We love the character and we’ve been able to go deeper [this season]. She plays so well with Boyd and it’s fun to see her do things, like last year shooting Delroy and this year that scene with Nicky. So, we really had no interest in killing her off. But we did have an interest in raising up [Boyd and Ava’s] hopes and dreams in the middle of the season, having it peak with the proposal and then having everything slowly stumble downhill as they got deeper and deeper into trouble. That felt right for us. But there was no notion of killing her.

TVLINE | How do you plan to build on this cliffhanger? Will we actually see Ava in a dangerous Harlan County jail?
The thing about Boyd is that he just never stops; he’s always going to be trying something. So, it’s our feeling that, at least for the first chunk of next season, he’s going to be trying to get her out of jail. And then, what is life going to be like for Ava behind bars? What are the conflicts going to be? What is she going to do to survive? She strikes me as someone who’d just try and keep her head down and do her time and get out, but chances are she won’t be allowed to do that.

TVLINE | For the first time in the series’ history, we’ve seen a broken and desperate Boyd. Will that be explored further or was it just a momentary reaction to Ava’s arrest?
It’s a weight that he’ll carry with him, but I don’t think he’s by any stretch defeated. As I said, he will keep fighting until his dying breath to regain some kind of good future for himself and Ava. The end of this season and also back in the beginning of Season 2, where Boyd’s just working in the mine and drinking, are about as low as we’ve seen Boyd. But we don’t like to have him down for that long. In that season, it was important that we got Boyd back to being Boyd. This will just pose new challenges for him; what will he do to get her out?

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Moving to our other couple of Boyd and Ava, did you know early on that you were going to tear them apart at the end of the season?
Yes. That was something we plotted out pretty early on in the season. We just liked the idea of them reaching a peak in their lives, in their bond with each other, in the middle of the season with the proposal. And we liked the idea of both Boyd and Raylan being at sort of the peak of their careers. Raylan is the guy who got Drew Thompson, and, without any knowledge of the Marshal Service, managed to coordinate the death of Nicky Augustine. He’s at the top of everything, but now Winonna’s even farther out of his life. And Boyd, similarly, with Wynn Duffy’s return, is now going to be the King of Harlan. But for the time being, he’s lost Ava.

Boyd seemed conflicted when he accepted Duffy’s proposal. Will he definitely see that through?
Yes. I mean, he wants money and he wants security and all of that. But he also is just obsessed with his loss of Ava at this point and what is he going to do about that.

So, Ava’s arrest isn’t something that might make him reconsider his life choices?
No, I think Boyd would separate the two. [Boyd] getting his criminal empire is not why Ava’s going to jail. That was just something that happened and he has to deal with [it]. Boyd has made peace with the fact he’s a criminal. In fact, he embraces it, even revels in it. And, as he would say it, he’s not just a criminal, he’s an outlaw.

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And last but certainly not least, check out what Walton had to say about what’s to come for Boyd in season 5!

I’m so glad Justified will be back next year. Got any early scoop on Season 5? — Evan
Walton Goggins seems pretty confident that, after Ava’s arrest, we’ll see more of heartbroken Boyd next season, despite his new heroin partnership with Wynn Duffy. “He has everything that he’s ever wanted, except the only thing that really mattered to him,” Goggins says. “To be away from Ava is his worst nightmare.” So, will Ava’s sad fate inspire Boyd to turn his back once and for all on his outlaw ways? Probably not. Then again, Goggins says, “In the life that he’s chosen and the price that he’s ultimately paying, I think this is a man who will probably be disgusted with himself. I don’t know that he’s ever felt that before.”


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