TVLine: Executive Producer Graham Yost dishes on Justified Season 5!

Check out this exclusive scoop on the all-new season of Justified, courtesy of!

PREVIOUSLY ON… | ?Ava was prison-bound for the murder of Delroy, Nicky Augustine’s reign of terror came to an end in a hail of bullets, and Winona’s was still with child.

COMING UP NEXT | Season 5 will introduce us to Dewey Crowe’s extended crime family, and his brood is every bit as dysfunctional and deplorable as the Bennetts of Season 2. But there’s one major difference between the two crazy clans: Whereas Mags’ bloodline “had a history in the region,” Dewey’s Florida-based kin (led by Michael Rapaport’s ruthless Dale) “are an invasive species,” notes exec producer Graham Yost. An unhinged-as-ever Boyd, meanwhile, is doing “everything he can to get Ava out of jail,” a pursuit that “forms the story for the first five episodes” and beyond, notes Yost, who promises that Ava’s struggle behind bars will be less Orange is the New Black and more, well, Justified (translation: expect a healthy dose of jailhouse savagery). And there’s big news for Raylan on the personal front. Not only does he meet a special new lady (an insightful, shrewd social worker played by Amy Smart), but he’s finally a father. Yep, when the new season picks up, Winona will have already given birth to a healthy baby [spoiler]. But don’t expect a reunion between mom and dad to follow, partly because Natalie Zea has other commitments (including Fox’sThe Following) and partly because, as Yost points out, “They know being together is just too hard.”

RETURN DATE | Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c (FX)

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