Jan 7, 2014

Walton Talks Justified Season 5 with TVWise

Jan 7, 2014

Walton Talks Justified Season 5 with TVWise

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TVWise: How would you explain Boyd’s frame of mind as we begin season five with Ava unjustly imprisoned?

Walton Goggins: I feel that Boyd is cornered. He’s a man with no real options and he is impotent, he is without power and that’s a very scary place for a man like Boyd Crowder to be. In that situation – which has never really happened to him – it’s a new paradigm for Boyd. He’s acting out in ways that he normally otherwise would not. He’s been reduced to a man who is reactive instead of proactive. So, when you are the kind of person that Boyd Crowder is, that can be very dangerous.

TVWise: Your character has gone through many ups and downs over the past four seasons, as an actor, how has it been to play this role?

Walton Goggins: It’s a dream come true. I’ve been in television now for almost 12 years in this way, on a series. To go from my first experience which was 7 years to this experience, I feel like I am one of the most blessed actors working because I’ve had an opportunity to play two guys back to back that are never static, always moving and always changing and tragic in similar, but very, very different ways. I understand what this opportunity means and what this experience really means. Michael Chiklis said something to me during the first season of The Shield and it’s been a mantra of mine for the better part of a decade now. He said you should never be cavalier with success. It is something to be honored and respected and to be grateful for every single day. I feel that way 5 years into this show and all the friendships I’ve made and getting to work with Tim Olyphant and all the other actors. It will be a sad day when I no longer button my shirt all the way to the top as Boyd Crowder.

TVWise: Has there been a scene or moment that occurs this season that stood out to you and might surprise us fans?

Walton Goggins: There have been multiple [scenes] this season. At the end of episode 1 and what Boyd does at the end of that episode really surprised me. It went through several different incarnations before we settled on that one. It was the choice that was most organic to Boyd and the journey that he finds himself on. This is a man whose greatest sword is his tongue and for the first time when faced with the truth about his own responsibility for Ava’s incarceration, he has nothing to say and that never happens to a man like Boyd Crowder. When it did happen, he resorts to brutality and the response of an animal. Once that is over as you see in episode one, once he has exercised those pent up emotions, he’s able to go back to being himself and that was very surprising to me. It’s something I’ve always known was there if he was forced in a corner, but it’s the first time it’s ever really happened to that degree.

Special thanks to Troy of TVWise.co.uk for the opportunity to assist in his interview.

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