Walton Teases Final Season of Justified, says “This is the heavyweight round.”

See what Walton had to say about the upcoming final season of Justified to TV Guide!

Is it too early to ask for Justified scoop? What can you say about the final season? — Allen
Although the audience knows Ava appears to be working with Raylan to bring down Boyd, how long will it take Boyd to figure it out? Perhaps longer than usual. “Love is a complicated thing and it allows you to see things sometimes that you shouldn’t and not see some things that you should,” Walton Goggins says. However, both Raylan and Ava might want to think twice about crossing Boyd. “He’s like the Bush administration right after 9/11: Either you’re with me or you’re against me,” Goggins says. “This is the heavyweight round, and at the end of it there’s going to be one man standing.”

Source: tvguide.com

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