Walton Attends The Series Finale Premiere Event of Justified

I’ve added photos of Walton and the cast of Justified at the series finale premiere event which took place April 13th. You can view those in the gallery now.

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  1. We’ll just watched the final episode of “Justified” instead of doing my homework! I didn’t believe a few years back when I saw the finale of The Shield, that I would see a finer dual lead in a TV series again. But somehow Walton’s delivery of Boyd Crowder, simultaneously complimented Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan, whilst building on and in some ways surpassing his fascinating portrayal of detective Shane Vendrell. Congratulations Walton for making TV so much more than TV, a credit also to the ensemble and writers, including the late Elmore Leonard’s distant and yet close approach to the translation.

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