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Early Reviews from ‘Cowboys & Aliens’

I’ve collected some blurbs of where Walton was mentioned in a few ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ reviews from early screenings. The movie, however, is out today in Canada, United States and India.

Be sure to check out the listing of release dates worldwide here: @IMDB

The Detroit News: “Walton Goggins steals every scene as a nervous outlaw”

Metro Weekly: “Walton Goggins and the other character actors who surround Ford and Craig shine. ”

Gapers Block: “Cowboys & Aliens gets bonus coolness points for having Walton Goggins in its midst as an old acquaintance of Jake, from a time when his memory was a bit sharper.”

CraveOnline break’s down ‘Justified’ 2×05 ‘Cottonmouth’

I think they make some very interesting points and key observations, what do you think?

Walton Goggins finally got a showcase episode this season and it’s easily the best one so far. Goggins basically made his name on FX as Shane on “The Shield,” who was also a fascinating character. But Boyd Crowder tops him in complexity. In just a few episodes this year, we’ve seen Boyd struggle to achieve some measure of redemption in his attempt to create a new life for himself. However, no one believes that he’s changed and it all piles up on to him. It’s not that Boyd doesn’t want to be a better man. He goes out of his way to not kill Shelby and even the way he switched the bomb on Kyle would only have killed him if he betrayed Boyd.

Boyd’s use of his cellphone to bug the meeting was a great moment that showed him to be the smartest guy in a room full of people plotting his death. Boyd seems to do a tremendous job of letting people believe that he’s not that sharp when the inverse is actually true. Watching Boyd turn a potentially fatal situation around on his would be killers was a thing of beauty. And this episode demonstrated that Boyd could have carried the entire episode without Raylan making an appearance at all.

I’m also really enjoying the slow burn between Ava and Boyd. It’s pretty clear that he loves her and she’s starting to come around towards him. When she got his note, she suspected that it was for something nefarious. But she followed his instructions anyway. If she was going to hang him out to dry, that would have been the perfect opportunity to do so. Just the fact that she went through with the call shows us that she cares for him.


Justified Review: 2×05 ‘Cottonmouth’ #2 & #3

Check out the snippets I picked out from and‘s review of tonight’s episode. So far all I hear is great things. 🙂

Boyd was just fantastic in this entire episode, though. Between the cell phone to house phone call, stealing the crew’s cell phones and having Ava call one to give himself time to switch the bomb – and then shooting the bad guys that didn’t get everything but their feet blown up by the bomb, Mr. Crowder definitely got his groove back.

But the question remains: is Boyd for good or for evil? Yeah, he stopped those jerks from blowing up and robbing the mine, but he ended up killing the three of them and taking the money to give to Ava. When Ava asked him why he agreed to the job in the first place, Boyd responded: “Because it’s what I do. It’s who I am, Ava. As hard as I’ve been trying to pretend otherwise. Everybody else seems to know that but me.”

The man knows that he is a bad egg, he just didn’t want to believe it.


I won’t go into detail about the exact moments leading up to the scheme Kyle (Michael Mosley) wrangles Boyd (Walton Goggins) into. You need to watch each moment because there are subtle details, which will inevitably play a larger role in future episodes. “Just remember your ABC’s – Always Be Cool.” ~ Boyd Crowder

The conversation between Boyd and Ava (Joelle Carter) afterwards is very telling.


Justified Review: 2×05 ‘Cottonmouth’ #1

I highly recommend reading the full review of the episode over at HitFix, you can find the link below. It’s definitely worth the read.

And I remain floored by how the show has convincingly pulled off this transformation with Boyd in only a season and a quarter. I knew from “The Shield” what a great, charismatic actor Walton Goggins can be, but the Boyd of the pilot was so loathsome that it should feel like a cheat that he’s now someone we’re cheering for. But it doesn’t. You can’t forget the terrible things Boyd did before – which Kyle brings up in explaining why Boyd should be the one to kill the guard – but he’s trying another path now, his own twisted take on Raylan’s path, and one that’s likely to bring him together with Raylan’s ex, and Goggins and the writers are all making this work. He was so on fire throughout the episode, in fact, that I was willing to overlook just how dumb Kyle was to give so much responsibility – not just planting the explosives, but handling the money, etc. – to Boyd, which was the only way he was able to pull off the triple-cross.

Boyd’s ABC adventure was so compelling, in fact, that it would be easy to overlook how strong the rest of “Cottonmouth” was. But by putting the unrelated standalone stories on hold for a week, we got to spend a whole lot of time on the growing beef between Raylan and the Bennetts(*). And we got another glimpse of the cold, unapologetic ruthlessness of Mags, who barely paused for a moment – more out of fatigue than regret – after hammering Coover’s non-gun hand(**) before returning to talk more business.


Justified Advance Review: 2×05 ‘Cottonmouth’

All I can say is after reading this little tidbit, I am aching for tonight’s newest ‘Justified’ episode!

For those who want to read the article but are concerned about spoilers, there is no need to worry about this review since it doesn’t feature actual “spoilers” rather than a outline of what will happen without filling in the blanks. You can read the entire Advance review at the source, linked below.

In other happenings, Boyd Crowder is apparently back to his old ways, mired in a new business proposition with his “friends” from the mine. To say any more than that one sentence would be egregiously spoiling, but needless to say it is not at all what you think it’s going to be – and it all makes perfect sense by the time it plays out. The storyline also leads to a heartbreaking scene between Boyd and Ava that’s so good, it once again makes me incensed that he hasn’t yet won a major award for this series yet. Joelle Carter is herself just as impressive, and the two of them together has been the most pleasant surprise to come out of the second season for me.


Justified Review: 2×04 ‘For Blood or Money’ #3

You can read the full review for ‘For Blood or Money’ over at TV Buzz.

Meanwhile, in the delightfully bucolic hamlet of Harlan, Boyd is (perhaps) contemplating a return to bank robbery. Walton Goggins keeps bringing layers to his performance that can seem sinister or sincere, sometimes in the same sentence. Although his relationship with Ava has turned out to be purely platonic, a tentative connection seems to be growing. Their easygoing conversation on the porch about wig styling and rock stars was truly charming. Of course, she did shoot his brother dead, so there’s that obstacle to romance.

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