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Justified: 6×01 ‘Fates Right Hand’ Press Release

The season 6 premiere episode of Justified will air on January 20th!

“Fate’s Right Hand” (Airs January 20, 10:00 pm e/p) – In the final season premiere, Raylan guides Ava through the process of informing on Boyd and tries to turn Boyd’s old ally Dewey Crowe against him as well, all while Boyd works to pull off a daring heist right under Raylan’s nose. Written by Michael Dinner & Fred Golan & Chris Provenzano; directed by Michael Dinner.

Walton Teases Final Season of Justified, says “This is the heavyweight round.”

See what Walton had to say about the upcoming final season of Justified to TV Guide!

Is it too early to ask for Justified scoop? What can you say about the final season? — Allen
Although the audience knows Ava appears to be working with Raylan to bring down Boyd, how long will it take Boyd to figure it out? Perhaps longer than usual. “Love is a complicated thing and it allows you to see things sometimes that you shouldn’t and not see some things that you should,” Walton Goggins says. However, both Raylan and Ava might want to think twice about crossing Boyd. “He’s like the Bush administration right after 9/11: Either you’re with me or you’re against me,” Goggins says. “This is the heavyweight round, and at the end of it there’s going to be one man standing.”


First look at Venus Van Dam’s return to ‘Sons of Anarchy’ — No matter how dark things get on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, just remember that Venus Van Dam is on the way. The transgender escort played by Justified‘s Walton Goggins makes her return in the Sept. 30 episode when SAMCRO, in need of information, pays her a visit. As fans know, the cast lights up any time her name is mentioned, and Goggins feels that each time he steps on set.


“I really do, and it’s weird. Because I personally, Walton Goggins, don’t feel that—I feel it as Venus,” he says. “Venus feels it and recipocates that with her boys—all the guys on the show. She just considers them brothers, like seeing family that she hasn’t seen in a while. They’re so kind and so gentle to Venus. It’s so refreshing. There’s no competition, there’s just enjoyment on all sides.”

Venus, who was introduced in season five and returned in season six, will also appear in the final ride’s 10th episode. As creator Kurt Sutter told EW, “We find out what’s been going down off-screen between Venus and Tig [Kim Coates]. It’ll be our love story for the season.”

TVLine Dishes on Final Season of Sons of Anarchy, What’s Ahead for Venus

From the sound of it, it sounds like many fans will be getting what they want! I can only imagine how this little tidbit below plays out!

Speaking of bonds, look for Tig and Venus (a returning Walton Goggins) to take theirs to the next level. Declares Sutter: “That’s definitely our love story this season.”


TVLine: Executive Producer Graham Yost dishes on Justified Season 5!

Check out this exclusive scoop on the all-new season of Justified, courtesy of!

PREVIOUSLY ON… | ?Ava was prison-bound for the murder of Delroy, Nicky Augustine’s reign of terror came to an end in a hail of bullets, and Winona’s was still with child.

COMING UP NEXT | Season 5 will introduce us to Dewey Crowe’s extended crime family, and his brood is every bit as dysfunctional and deplorable as the Bennetts of Season 2. But there’s one major difference between the two crazy clans: Whereas Mags’ bloodline “had a history in the region,” Dewey’s Florida-based kin (led by Michael Rapaport’s ruthless Dale) “are an invasive species,” notes exec producer Graham Yost. An unhinged-as-ever Boyd, meanwhile, is doing “everything he can to get Ava out of jail,” a pursuit that “forms the story for the first five episodes” and beyond, notes Yost, who promises that Ava’s struggle behind bars will be less Orange is the New Black and more, well, Justified (translation: expect a healthy dose of jailhouse savagery). And there’s big news for Raylan on the personal front. Not only does he meet a special new lady (an insightful, shrewd social worker played by Amy Smart), but he’s finally a father. Yep, when the new season picks up, Winona will have already given birth to a healthy baby [spoiler]. But don’t expect a reunion between mom and dad to follow, partly because Natalie Zea has other commitments (including Fox’sThe Following) and partly because, as Yost points out, “They know being together is just too hard.”

RETURN DATE | Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c (FX)

Justified: 5×01 ‘A Murder Of Crowes’ Press Release

The season premiere of Justified airs on January 7th at 10PM on FX Network!

Episode 5.01 – A Murder of Crowes
In the swamplands of Florida, Raylan tangles with a deadly branch of the Crowe Family Tree, while Boyd goes into the dark heart of the collapsing Detroit Mob. Written by Graham Yost & Fred Golan; directed by Michael Dinner.

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